I require you to read this. The subject is very good and is fit for the society.

If you don’t care about the youth nowadays, you don’t care about yourself too.

Topic: Youth/Teenage

Youth. They are the young people in our community. They are the ones who did nothing but to either study their lessons or to play outside with their friends. They are the jobless people that will someday have a job and raise our economy.

They are the people who help the elderly cross the street, offer seats to the elderly in buses/trains, let’s the elderly go in front of them in lines, give money to beggars, give food to the hungry, and are respectful to other people. They are the disciplined people who will someday rule the country properly and turn it from a wasteland to a paradise. José Rizal once said that the youth is the future of the country. They will be the ones who will improve our state from a developing country to a developed country.

Is this what you see today? Tell me your answer honestly. Well, I guess, you’re more likely to say “NO”. Well, if that’s the case, what happened to the youth that we kept on dreaming for? Where did they go? Are they even born yet? Or does such a thing exist?

I live in a place where the youth has gone wild. A place that is not suitable for the innocent mind. I think I’m the only good teenager left in our place. Most of them drink, doesn’t go to school, play basketball all day, loiter, and smoke. I observe them. How they act and how they talk. I see evil in them. You’ll be seeing nothing but bad acts. You’ll hear nothing but bad words. They’re a bit polite. They talk to me sometimes and, of course, I talk back. But I avoid them whenever I need to.

Problems. Education, family, games, love, media, money, peers, stress, or any other thing might be the root of their problems. And these are the reasons that changed the society of the youth.

Lack of education is the most irritating thing that I, and the world, can ever imagine. I get irritated on people who use wrong grammar, spelling, and punctuation marks. Though, some of them make me laugh, they symbolize how dumb they are.

In this world, most of us communicate through English and only a few knows how to use it properly. Lack of education is one of the problems. Broken classrooms and facilities, lack of teachers and school supplies. These may give students boredom and dislike school. And students that are uninterested with school cut their classes and have failing grades. These people, if they grow up and survive, will be the trash of the city. They will do nothing but bad stuff.

Having a family problem is the worst thing that can happen to a youth. Some cases are those street children. Street children have their own story on why they went away from home and most of them are about family problems. Some parents did not teach them correct discipline or never taught them any discipline at all. Some parents hurt their children too much that the children thought of going away to avoid being hurt. Some parents cannot give their children’s needs.

The worst situation may be a divorce. If ever the parents divorced, the children are the one who are hurt the most. Losing their parents is a hurtful thing to them because the two people who they loved the most, the ones who cared for them, the ones who brought them to this world will be separated. This will cause them to rebel because they thought that they never felt love from their parents at all.

Gaming may either help or destroy a child’s educational processing. All games are educational. All helps improve the brain. But some are just for fun and entertainment. And some of those are full of nothingness.

Some online games (e.g. DOTA) have a sense of war strategy playing which can help the players in preparing their strategy skills whenever a war is declared and they are on command. First person shooter games (e.g. CrossFire) teaches players how to fight if ever they become a soldier.

Games like those may help but they always have a negative effect. One is addiction. It’s considered the worst effect of gaming ever. Children have no time to brush their teeth, change their clothes, eat, go to school, pee, take a bath, etc… because of addiction. They get too interested in the game because of awards and challenges. I know one case of addiction. The player died after trying to escape from both the maze and the enemy chasing him.

Another is violence. Violence occur mostly in role playing (e.g. Call Of Duty, Grand Theft Auto) and fighting games (e.g. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Tekken). Fighting and killing is not allowed for the children’s mind. There are a lot of cases of teenagers killing people because they want to copy what they are doing in the games they’re playing.

When teenagers fall in love, they make it as the centre of their life. Some make it as their inspiration. Well, it’s fine to fall in love as long as you don’t forget your studies.

I know a place here in our country where teenage girls get pregnant before they reach the age of 16. Many girls in that place are scholars but love changed their way of life. They go out every night and fall in love with every boy they want to fall in love with. As a result, their studies get ruined because of their love life. And this could cause the inflation of the world’s population

When a teenager gets heartbroken, everything in that person’s life gets broken too. They can’t focus on their studies because they kept on thinking about how s/he will live without his/her lover.

I experienced this once. I also have a lover. There was nothing in my mind but her. She was my inspiration and that’s why I got high scores. When I was broken because of her, my mind went crazy. Depression kept on rolling in. Thoughts about commiting sucide. But I’ve realized that we can still be friends even though she only has a little bit of feelings for me. I know that she cares for me and she knows that I care for her.

Youth, falling in love is hard. You are still young to feel those such happy and sad things in life. Stay single for a while. Staying single shows that you can live your life without relying on others. But honestly, I’ve never felt life being truly single.

Children are supposed to watch cartoons or educational shows; not action, horror, news, romance, sex, and shows that shows bad influence or violence. Children are supposed to use the internet for resource; not for hurting people, phishing, piracy, porn, scamming, trash talking. They’re using media wrongly and they’re taking advantage of it.

Social media is now the most used type of media today. Here, you’ll be able to communicate to other people and share about the things in your daily life. Through Habbo, Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site, people will be able to know some of your information and these things might harm you as well.

Teenagers who share their things (such as information, places, photos, status updates, etc…) too much are most likely to get threatened. Threats, like death threats and stalkers, are dangerous for your safety for you might get harmed by your stalkers. They know what you do, where you are, and many more stuff all because of the things that you share.

Media can also give wrong information about some things (e.g. Wikipedia). That’s why your teachers doesn’t recommend you to use Wikipedia as your resource.

Gadgets can either help or distract a person’s life. It might be helpful to some, but it can be a virus to people. People who always use their cellphones might not have a time for their duties, for their family, for doing house chores, and for their studies.

Money makes the world go round. And money is also the root of all evil.

How can you tell if a person is suitable for you? I guess, most of the readers, including you, answered “Rich”. But if a person is rich but has no knowledge, would you still love him/her?

Youth, especially the rich ones, take advantage of their money. They did nothing but to spend money. Only a few saves theirs. Poor people work hard for their money, and so as your parents in the past. All of us work hard for our money. So, youth, please think about how hard your parents work for your money and how easy you spend it.

I feel sorry about myself every time I only have my fare money left in my wallet. I feel so guilty about spending the other money for something I don’t need. And I hate people who ask me for my money. Sometimes, everything that was left in my wallet is saved in my bank-in-a-bottle that I made. I take money from there whenever I need to buy food, gifts for my love, school supplies, or anything that I would like to buy for myself. I work hard for my money too.

Many teenagers earn money the wrong way. Girls are more likely to work as prostitutes and boys are more likely to be pickpockets. Earning money the wrong way is bad.

One day, mom gave me Php 100. She said that I must either save it or spend it in my way. There were things going in my mind on how to use it. Will I save it or spend it to buy daily needs, flowers, gifts, school supplies, to play games, or to pay my credit at our school canteen? I really don’t know what to do. I just saved it. Like the old Filipino saying, ”Kung may isinuksok, may madudukot”  (If you stash, you have something to withdraw).

You’re not the only person in this world. Many makes them friends. How about you? Do you have friends? I have friends too. But only a few of them cares for me and knows me well.

I was a loner. I was always ignored. Then I became friends with others. Those friends help me in my problems. From then, I’ve felt secured because I know that they care for me.

Trust. It’s the key to friendship. You may love the person anytime you want but you may only trust them whenever needed. ”Your worst enemy could be your best friend & your best friend, your worst enemy”, Bob Marley once said. That’s why you should be careful on who you befriend. If not, then good luck in forgetting your memories with your friend.

Influence from friends might hurt you. They will teach you how to do drugs, drink, and smoke. They will teach you how to steal and do other bad stuff. I’ll better avoid these people. These people will die without making a good thing in this world.

Poor families may not be able to supply the children’s needs. If the parents have no job, sometimes, the children will work for their family. They work hard and go home tired bringing with them the small amount of money that is not even enough for their family.

The youth’s body is not yet ready for such hard work (e.g. fishing, mining, trash collecting). They are killing themselves through stress.

I know a person. He goes to school and studies hard. After that, he goes back home to change his clothes and goes to his “job”. His job is to quarry volcano rock. He carries rocks and breaks them into pieces. He sells sacks of volcano rock to construction companies for about Php 10 each, enough to buy his family dried fish for dinner. He goes back home tired. He has no time to study and he goes directly to sleep.

People like him should not be working. But because their family is only poor, he has to do this for them.

Youth, nowadays, are said to be impolite. They don’t treat good to elders anymore. They don’t follow signs. They were given too much freedom to do everything that they want.

The Philippines is considered the most courteous country in the world. Nowadays, youth is bringing it down. They don’t know how to say po and opo, do mano po, give priority to elders in lines and in seats, and even help their teachers if their bringing to much stuff with them anymore.

Is there a way for them to change? If yes, then what?

Are they the good future we’re looking for? If not them, then who?

Is this the place where youth can become any better? If not here, then where?

Is this the time where the youth will change for the better? If not now, then when?

These are the questions that ponder in the minds of some people, including you, right now. And these questions are hard to answer. And ONLY you can answer these questions.

How about you? Are you the missing piece of the puzzle? The puzzle in creating the better youth…?

Thank you for reading!

A short SUMMARY (For those people who are lazy enough to read my 2000+ word essay.)

The youth is said to be the future of our world. They will be the ones who will improve our state of life in the future. But things have changed nowadays. Problems and bad influence changed how the youth acts today. Children became disrespectful. They also learned how to work at a young age for their family. What they aren’t supposed to do is what they’re doing today.

Note: In this essay, I focused to subject ”How the youth acts today”. Which means, I only talked about their actions and did not put solutions on how to prevent these. I am trying to show you the problems the youth is facing now (and of course, how they act).